Original title--30 days the movie


Now re-released under a more relevant title

What is your corrupt number?

The Story!

The masses are starving. The elites are stealing.


Who is FRACA?

A group of angry young women who are bent on stamping out corruption from their father land.
FRACA stands for Female Revolutionaries Against Corruption In Africa.
Are you a corrupt politician? Are you a corrupt minister, judge, mega pastor or a rich business man helping politicians launder and hide their stolen money?
No one is safe once your corrupt number shows up. The time has come to answer to FRACA and there is no escape.
Panic in the nation and uneasy tension across the landscape. The President is perplexed and the inspector general of police is frustrated.

Yet the killings continue and the plots and twists of who is taking out corrupt elites remain a mystery to everyone including journalists, bankers and even the cabinet.
Click here now to watch how it took females to finally rescue Africa from its misery of corrupt politicians and the egomaniac elites.
In a discussion about Africa, there is one word that always feature prominently. That word is CORRUPTION. NIGERIA ranks number one in the world.
No one seems to be able to do something about it until a group of revolutionary women decided to take action.
Almost 20 years ago, 1999 to be precise,  After almost 40 years of military dictatorships, Nigerians went to the polls en-masse to elect their new leaders in a new civilian dispensation that is supposed to usher in prosperity for the masses, restore the faith of the people in governance and assure future generations of stability, jobs, safety and security.
But one monster, one scrooge, has prevented all these lofty expectations from becoming a reality. .

That scrooge is corruption.

It is the alpha and omega of the current Nigerian society. It has penetrated the blood of both private and most especially the government, to the extent that you can hardly do anything within the Nigerian society without this scrooge rearing its head to bite you. Every successive government has vowed or pretended to arrest or destroy this scrooge. But it has all been so far in vain. The scrooge is so strong some leaders have described it in such a way that even when the people and the leaders try to fight corruption, corruption being what it is now fights back. It fights back in such a way that it leaves more death and destruction all over the political landscape. In fact one leader has been quoted as saying, “if Nigeria does not kill corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria” And then emerges the bold and determined FRACA. Female revolutionaries against corruption in Africa.

The fight is simple, their goal clear.

Before corruption kills us all, let us kill the children of corruption.
Who ate the children of corruption?
Everyone knows them, but Nigerian society being what it is, everyone is connected one way or the other to the corrupt folks or the corrupt elites. .
Deciding who to take out or eliminate becomes hard when it could be your uncle who is the governor, but stealing the state blind, or your pastor the god father that sent the assassin to eliminate the Justice minister who is supposed to decide if the governor’s election should be overturned, or should FRACA take out the prominent business man who financed it all and launders the money for the corrupt syndicate?
These questions and quandary confronted FRACA until they came up with a perfect system.
A system that mimics the same election process of picking whose turn it is to face the music. Create a lotto system for selecting who is next.

Thus was born the idea of “what is your corrupt number?
No feelings, no argument, and as far as the FRACA members are concerned, once your corrupt number pops up in their lotto radar, the order comes straight from above.
An order that even no one would recognize its origin, yet the attempts to eliminate FRACA was being frustrated by the very same people giving the order to eliminate the corrupt people.
Yes, there is unease in the land? The leaders are scared, the President is frustrated, and the corrupt ministers, governors, pastors are running helter- skelter.

No one knows who is next, and so as the elimination game begins, the twists and turns of the innocent that got caught in the middle and the romance that blossomed between the unsuspecting bystanders, makes this movie a must see for everyone, especially every Nigerian and every African, who wants to know why or anyone who has ever asked why?

The answer is simple, CORRUPTION! CORRUPTION, as echoed by Fela Anikulapo Kuti, one of Nigeria’s legendary singers.
NOW the women of FRACA are angry and heads are binging to roll.
Their minds are made up. Corruption must be destroyed by any means necessary!
Just pray that your corrupt number don’t come up next!


Even corrupt governments have their limits when it comes to freedom of speech and artistic expressions.
30 DAYS, was written, directed and produced by Mildred Okwo. A Nigerian lawyer that was based in the US when the movie was conceived.
It was 2005. The Nigerian Nollywood industry was in chaos. The major prominent actors were all banned by the so called “marketers” These are a group of traders that controlled the industry from story lines to production and final distribution.
They had a strangle hold on the movie industry as of that time. Little did they realize that their monopoly was about to be broken.
By coincidence, Another Nigerian that had been harboring the idea of getting into the movie industry had sponsored a few Nollywood actors to come and participate in some African awards recognition ceremony.
That was the first introduction of the writer to Toyin Dawodu, a real estate developer based in California.
During the discussion, it was obvious to Mildred that Toyin found it astounding that a group of mafia men could prevent young innocent Nigerians from earning a living and helping to develop the new budding Nollywood industry.
One meeting led to the order, and Toyin decided to put his money where his mouth was and sign up as one of the executive producers of the movie.
Toyin, at that time had something to prove. He concluded that with a good story line, a good director, Nigerians were capable of producing quality films.
Yes, this movie was shot in 2005. It took almost till 2008 before it was ready for full release.
But that was not to be.


The Nigerian movie industry still has its endemic problem of distribution.
At various stages from the time the movie was being shot and in pre-production, the sitting government in cohorts with the mafia marketers began to plot how they will thwart the efforts of the creators of the movie. The markets were angry that our lead actor, Genevieve Nnaji could deny them and make a movie despite the fact that they had banned her.
The Nigerian film census board became more draconian, they joined hands with the marketers to make it more difficult for the distribution of movies.
Things got worse under the Jonathan administration. Even the few Nigerian movie theaters were too scared to screen the movie in their theaters.
This led to the decision by the creators to hold the movie until the right time.
NOW the time is right. With corruption at its worst in Nigeria, the release of this movie is designed to send a message.

Here’s is the message. If the leaders of the country do not get their acts together, life eventually will begin to imitate art. No one is advocating any violence, but as the saying goes, “those who make peaceful evolution impossible, will make violent revolution inevitable.” Our hope as the creators of this movie is that the revolution is not as bloody. Our movie is for entertainment only. Please take it as such. Thank you.

Now go and watch this revolutionary thriller!